Weight Loss Tips

A big body is a sick body. Yes, a lot of weight is not good for you. Many diseases are related to weight. To keep yourself healthy, you need to maintain your ideal weight. Ideal weight is determined by your height. People with different heights should maintain a certain weight. Obesity is among the issues that come with excess fat in the body, which later result to hypertension and even blood sugar problems. An overweight person cannot do so much for themselves, including playing around, walking and just the simple things a normal human being should be able to do.

Weight loss journey

Eat healthy

qwdferThis is the first step to a healthy weight. Do away with sugar, excess wheat, processed foods and such. Too many calories in the body result to the excess weight. To maintain good weight, the body should be in apposition to burn more calories than the ones stored. This way, no excess fat. Avoiding the above-mentioned foods allows for only small amounts of calories in the system.


After eating right you must exercise. This now helps in burning of the calories. The right exercise is important too. Different exercises fit different body parts. You can either train from home, which requires a lot of discipline or enroll for classes in your nearest gym. A training partner will be of benefit during this period. This is someone who will motivate you and keep you going.

Reward yourself

wsdsdfYes, you need something to motivate yourself. Like for example, promise to buy yourself shoe after you hit a certain target. This keeps you on the going. As human we love being appreciated, so start appreciating yourself, and positive results will be witnesses. Another important thing is to stay around people who say good things about you, this makes you want to do more because somebody appreciates you. Do not listen to people saying how hard it is to lose weight and maintain.