Some of the benefits of taking aspirin that will surprise you

Aspirin has been a top painkiller for scores of decades. This explains why it’s one of the most popular over-the-counter medicines that one doesn’t need a prescription to purchase in most countries around the world. To this extent, numerous campaigns have been put forward to stop its abuse because it’s also one of the pharmaceutical products that feature in the list of medications that are often used for wrong self-medication purposes. Surprisingly, the benefits of taking aspirin go beyond pain relief as noted below.

Brain health

Headaches and other forms of body aches are among the major reasons why people go for aspirin. Its active ingredients stop the production of prostaglandin by stopping the secretion of COX-2 – an enzyme that’s associated with the inflammation of the brain. People who take aspirin are at a better position to increase their cognitive abilities by pushing aside memory loss and the build-up of protein substances, stopping the development plaque in the brain.

Healthy heart

2Men and women above the age of 50 years are often encouraged to take aspirin to help them maintain normal blood circulation. It does this by improving blood flow to certain sections of the heart. Other than maintaining the right level of blood thickness it also prevents heart artery blockage incidents that bring about heart attack and stroke. It’s significant to note that certain heart conditions don’t auger well with aspirin, making it vital to seek medical advice from a certified physician before taking on aspirin as your painkiller of choice as a person who is battling a given form of heart disease.

Breast cancer

Studies show that aspirin can fight back breast cancer complications. It can subsequently be used in the effective management of cancerous cells. There are instances where it can be used to stop a tumor before it spreads to critical levels. Daily intake of aspirin in low doses lower the chances many other forms of cancer in both and women. Therefore, whenever you obtain aspirin to treat a simple headache, note that you’re treating or preventing more than one ailment that may be detrimental to your general well-being in the long run.

Healthy skin

A long-running study involving thousands of women in the U.S. identified aspirin as a skin health booster like no other. Aspirin rewires your genetic codes in ways that boost the skin’s ability to fight off skin disease-causing bacteria. Having a soft, smooth skin without blemishes is, therefore, something you can achieve in many ways other than deploying the use of cosmetics. The longer one uses aspirin, the higher his or her chances of abating skin complications because it’s also an anti-allergy drug that protects the internal body organs as well as the skin from allergic reactions.

Off the ordinary health context

3Other than buying aspirin for medicinal use, people also stock in their home drug cabinets for household and gardening purposes. Aspirin is an effective stain remover with a promise. Unlike other laundry bleaching agents, it doesn’t weaken fabrics while getting rid of plant or food stains. Not many people know about aspirin’s ability to maintain hair color and prevent dandruff build-up when mixed with hair shampoos.

Weight Loss Tips

A big body is a sick body. Yes, a lot of weight is not good for you. Many diseases are related to weight. To keep yourself healthy, you need to maintain your ideal weight. Ideal weight is determined by your height. People with different heights should maintain a certain weight. Obesity is among the issues that come with excess fat in the body, which later result to hypertension and even blood sugar problems. An overweight person cannot do so much for themselves, including playing around, walking and just the simple things a normal human being should be able to do.

Weight loss journey

Eat healthy

qwdferThis is the first step to a healthy weight. Do away with sugar, excess wheat, processed foods and such. Too many calories in the body result to the excess weight. To maintain good weight, the body should be in apposition to burn more calories than the ones stored. This way, no excess fat. Avoiding the above-mentioned foods allows for only small amounts of calories in the system.


After eating right you must exercise. This now helps in burning of the calories. The right exercise is important too. Different exercises fit different body parts. You can either train from home, which requires a lot of discipline or enroll for classes in your nearest gym. A training partner will be of benefit during this period. This is someone who will motivate you and keep you going.

Reward yourself

wsdsdfYes, you need something to motivate yourself. Like for example, promise to buy yourself shoe after you hit a certain target. This keeps you on the going. As human we love being appreciated, so start appreciating yourself, and positive results will be witnesses. Another important thing is to stay around people who say good things about you, this makes you want to do more because somebody appreciates you. Do not listen to people saying how hard it is to lose weight and maintain.